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Medicare Plan Decisionmaking:

Tight Ship Advisors is your unbiased Medicare professional who understands the importance of selecting the right Medicare plan for your health, pocketbook & peace of mind

An Honest & Knowledgable Advocate For You

Each Tight Ship Advisors advocates for no one other than you - the beneficiary!  We take no commissions or incentive from any carrier so we remain completely impartial in our advice & recommendation.

Each consultation is performed and reviewed by a Certified Senior Advisor® or a licensed insurance professional that is uniquely trained and certified to understand the nuances of Medicare plans, prescription coverage and claims adjudication.  All Advisors are fully insured.


Your Tight Ship Advisor will recommend a Medicare plan with your needs & best interest in mind.

Everyone should understand their benefits & feel secure in with their Medicare decision-making.

"I was immediately pleased with their knowledge and efficiency. Since then, I’ve had them in twice each week to assist with various projects including Medicare billing, organizing my files, charitable donations, switching insurance carriers and getting ready to go to Florida for the winter."

 - Walter

"By helping my parents develop a cash-flow statement, she empowered them with clear knowledge of their financial situation. Their fear was replaced with optimism, and now they are actually are excited."

- Andrea

"Not only have we been cleaning out the mountains of paperwork my husband & I accumulated over the decades, Tight Ship also helped create clarity on so many levels with what documents needed to be kept and what should be shredded.  I never thought I'd get organized and have everything simplified."

- Judy

A personalized approach

What makes a Tight Ship Advisor uniquely qualified?

Each Tight Ship Advisor is a Certified Senior Advisor® - a rigorous certification and ongoing education program focused on the health, finance, insurance & lifestyle aspects of living in today's digital age.

The core services of Tight Ship are 100% consultative and tailored to your specific wants and needs. We are completely unbiased in our advice & guarantee that our services will NOT require the transfer of any personal or sensitive financial information.

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Medicare Expertise Built With You In Mind

Medicare decision making plays a critical role in financial planning.  Let Tight Ship Advisors help ensure your healthcare dollars are well spent.

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