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Information Overload: Senior Lifestyle

For many in the senior community, there is palpable fear that something will fall through the cracks resulting in financial penalties or the compromise of personal information.  Given the volume communications that the average person receives on a daily basis, anyone can become daunted by it all.  Sifting through account statements, monthly bills and marketing/solicitations takes a keen eye.  Now, remember that these communications are coming at us via snail mail, email and sometimes, on the phone.

Just this week, I had a regular visit with a client who was very concerned over a phone call she'd received to schedule an installation.  She had okay'd the date they offered over the phone but hung up a little bewildered.  Trying to put two and two together, she remembered a piece of mail that came from the village informing her that her water meter was to be replaced.  That must have been it.

I asked to see the both the notice for the water meter and then her phone to see the number that had called her.  A big red flag immediate