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Schedule a zoom or phone call with a Certified Senior Advisor® who will get to know your needs & produce a custom Medicare Plan Recommendation for your 2023 plan year.

Medicare Plan Evaluation

  • Your Tight Ship Advisor is going to apply their professional & qualified experience to your unique health & financial needs and wants to find the personalized plan recommendation.  You'll spend up to an hour speaking directly with your Tight Ship Advisor to ensure they're considering all of the variables that are important to you.  With that, they will roll up their sleeves and get to work creating a bespoke recommendation for you.  ​

    What happens if your Tight Ship Advisor recommends that you stay in your current plan?  First, sleep well knowing that your plan is still working for you.  In that event, you will be rebated 20% of the cost.​

    Is there a price break for spouses?  Absolutely!  Because everyone's healthcare is individual, even if you've been married for decades, everyone needs to have their own evaluation.  When booking two concurrent evaluations, you'll receive a 20% discount.  ​

    Your evaluation should be an annual event.  Each and every year, the carriers are issuing new plans to compete with one another.  This means that with each new year, there may be a plan that has new benefits &/or higher levels of coverage available to you - even from your existing carrier that you know & trust!  ​

    If you received an evaluation from us in the past 12 months, your repeat evaluation will be completed at a 20% discount.  Contact your Tight Ship Advisor directly to secure your repeat evaluation at the discounted rate!

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