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Tight Ship was founded in 2018 after Jill Dillingham was unable to find qualified assistance for her aging in laws.  Finding a resource that could assist with matters around daily money management, Medicare/insurance navigation as well as coordinate all efforts with their Wealth Management Team, CPA and lawyer was too tall of an order.  So, Jill rolled up her sleeves and created a framework of tracking and communication that not only created financial efficiencies around her in laws finances but also created a preventative approach to preserving their financial longevity.  

What sets Tight Ship apart?  Education and qualification.

Each Tight Ship Advisor is a Certified Senior Advisor which means they are uniquely qualified to not only be sensitive to the changing chapters of the individual and family as well as have qualified knowledge of the following:

  1. Daily Money Management / Bill Pay

  2. Investment Vehicles

  3. Medical Insurance including all Medicare, public and private insurance products

  4. Senior living

  5. Vendor / Household Management

  6. Estate Planning



Jill Dillingham

Jill is a graduate of Miami University (OH) with a BA in Economics. Additionally, she is a member of the Illinois Continuity of Care Association, a Certified Senior Advisor® and member of the Association of Daily Money Managers. 


Tight Ship Advisor

Beth Rusie

As a Certified Senior Advisor®, Beth is committed to providing unparalleled support to her clients with patience, understanding and an attention to detail that makes her beloved by all of the families she works with. 

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