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Who We Are

Personal Advisors with specialized expertise.

Tight Ship was founded in 2018 after Jill Dillingham was unable to find qualified assistance for her aging in-laws.  Finding a resource that could assist with matters around daily money management, Medicare/insurance navigation as well as coordinate all efforts with their Wealth Management Team, CPA and lawyer was too tall of an order.  So, Jill rolled up her sleeves and created a framework of tracking and communication that not only created financial efficiencies around her in-laws' finances but also created a preventative approach to preserving their financial longevity.  

What sets Tight Ship apart?  Education and qualification.

Each Tight Ship Advisor is a licensed Medicare Sales Agent or Certified Senior AdvisorⓇ which means they are uniquely qualified to best serve the senior community.

Tight Ship Advisors are NOT affiliated with any insurance carrier, financial institution and do not benefit or profit from any related organization from their recommendations or advice given to their clients.  Tight Ship Advisors are completely unbiased in their plan recommendations.  In plain English, we receive no kick backs, commissions or incentives from any organization.  We work only for the best interest of our clients.

Meet Our Team

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