About Tight Ship

Certified Advisors that know the business of finance, health and home

Tight Ship Advisors provide assistance & guidance to our clientele who may no longer want to shoulder the burden of paperwork and bills or may be experiencing difficulty managing personal finances and insurance management in the digital age.



Some of the types of services we provide can include:

  • Mail / Bill Management

  • Household budgeting

  • Medicare/insurance enrollments

  • Claims monitoring

  • Home/Vendor Management

  • Prepare for a move

  • Prepare for in home services

  • EOL Transition/Shutdown Services

Tight Ship will coordinate with your existing financial & legal advisors to insure the safety & efficiency of vital annual activities like:

  • RMD/End of year reconciliations

  • Charitable Giving 

  • Tax preparation / tax forecasting

  • Out of Pocket Healthcare tracking

The scope of services provided will vary based on clients needs and wants.

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