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About Tight Ship

Certified Senior Advisors® that know the business of being a senior in today's digital age

Sunset Sailboats

Tight Ship Advisors was born from necessity within my own family.

My in-laws had been at a loss to find a Medicare plan that was going to cover all their needs with the doctors they wanted to see but also not break the bank!  Based on my background in Medicare consulting, I was happy to sit down, roll up my sleeves and find the plan that was right for each of them.  Once I had helped my in-laws understand what was available to them, word of mouth got around quickly & my phone was ringing off the hook with others seeking my professional and impartial advice!  With that Tight Ship Advisors was born.  But it didn't stop there - helping with a myriad of other issues around digital banking, end of year RMD planning, home organization, financial modeling like "can I age in place or should I move?", and just a general plea of "help me get out from underneath all this paperwork!" made Tight Ship Advisors' services essential.


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