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How It Works

Are you ready?
Here is the step by step.

Step 1

Click that "Get Started!" button & send us an inquiry via email to get the process started.  Or, feel free to call us directly at 773-457-1952.   Our offices are based in Winnetka IL but our phones always ring!  if we don't answer, that just means we're working with another client & will return your call within 2-3 hours.


Step 2

A phone assessment.  You'll spend 20-30 minutes talking with a Tight Ship Advisor manager about your lifestyle and needs.  With this information, they can match you with the appropriate Advisor.


Step 3

The First Date - time to meet your Advisor.  This can happen over the phone, Zoom, at a coffee shop or in your home!  This is a great time to talk about the details of what you need and how those functions will be performed.  Your dedicated Tight Ship Advisor will take the time to ensure everyone is comfortable and ready to move forward.  As we are Certified Senior Advisors®, a Letter of Engagement, HIPPA release, Non Disclosure Agreement and/or Payment Agreement will be mutually signed/executed based on the scope of work your Advisor will be responsible for.  


Step 4

Time to Roll Up Our Sleeves - your Advisor will begin their role with regular communication and in the manner that was mutually agreed upon.  At anytime, your Tight Ship Advisor will be at the ready to assist with new items as they arise.  

Your Personal Assistant:  Hourly Services

Tight Ship services will mean different things to different people.  We've found that some clients need us to stick with them beyond their Medicare Plan recommendation & we'll stick with you for the long haul!


We engage with individuals and families for a variety of reasons:
  • Complex estates that require additional management

  • Temporary or short-term management of a household during a health event or life change

  • Ongoing support for household budgeting & bill management

  • Professional service coordination for wealth management, insurance, legal services, and healthcare.

  • Household management 

  • Special projects:

    • Insurance evaluations​

    • Household cash flow assessments

    • Senior living/housing evaluations

    • End of Life/Shutdown Services

    • Tax Preparation 

Upon the "First Date", you will determine with your dedicated Tight Ship Advisor, the precise activities they will be handling and in what capacity.  Be it a special project or regular service, your Tight Ship Advisor is qualified and ready to create efficiencies and security around finances, home, and health.  

Tight Ship services can take on as much or as little management of your day-to-day activities as you see fit.  With that, privacy and security are of the utmost priority to Tight Ship.  

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