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It's Not Just Paying Bills

While just a portion of Tight Ship's relationship with our clients is insuring that bills are getting paid, the landscaper is hauling the leaves or you're enrolled in the right prescription plan, the bedrock is lifting the stress of finance and home responsibilities.  With that, our role is exclusively what you need......

Email & Digital Account Monitoring - Is it a bill or is it a solicitation?  Or both?  Today's marketers have become more and more savvy in order to capture our attention.  Senior Checks and Balances is here to not only review the snail mail, but the digital mail too!

Tax Returns & Account Statements- What do I keep and what do I toss?  Let's evaluate the existing financial documentation in the home and dispose of it safely & appropriately.  This is especially vital for those individuals that are preparing for a move or those that have other service providers in and out of the house.

Medicare/Insurance - Enrollment deadlines are stress triggers.  Claims adjudication are stress triggers. Not only do Tight Ship Advisors understand the in's and out's of today's health insurance policies and practices - let us shoulder the stress of the process and more importantly, sit on hold for you.