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Paper Chase - Getting Ready for Tax Time

Easier said than done. Everyone can agree that getting all of your paperwork over to the tax preparer in due time for filing is easier said than done. We wait for forms from banks, employers, pension administrators, the government (local, state & fed), healthcare organizations....... and on and on. Oh, and they are all working on a different timeline. Then, let's collect every receipt for every aspirin, copay, charitable donation, tax paid..... and on and on.

Easier said than done.

So, how do you effectively put together the jigsaw puzzle of prepping your tax package? Let's work the problem backwards.

  1. Who is going to file your taxes? Communication is key - reach out to the CPA or tax service that will be filing on your behalf to discuss the most efficient way to get the documentation into their hands. If it is someone you've worked with in the past, they will have key directives based on past years' filings. Don't have a CPA or a chosen filing service