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Your Home Is Your Business

The family home is something to be cherished.  Filled with memories, tradition and comfort, the home is a source of pride and identity for many in the senior community.

As the technology and services of utilities & home maintenance evolve, the overall needs for those aging in place change over time as well.  Today, there are a host of in-home caregiving options within the healthcare spectrum.  Yet, the business of running and caring for your home & maintaining lifestyle as you or your loved ones age in place are few and far between.  Consider us your home & lifestyle caregivers.

There are so many moving parts to the every day management of household - groceries, cleaning, landscaping, utilities, auto care/transportation and on and on.  Are there other areas that are awaiting organization?  Does the management of health and insurance take up too much of your time?

Tight Ship Advisors prides itself on custom project plans for each of our clients.  Providing the security that insures your monthly budget is being met, initiating a "slim down" of household contents, managing the safe/secure disposal of documents, changes to accounts and healthcare information - we care for your home and lifestyle.

Tight Ship Advisors serves the Chicagoland area on a one-on-one basis in the privacy & security of your home and DOES NOT require the transfer of any personal information.  Complete security.  Call or email us today for a personal assessment.

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