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What is a Certified Senior Advisor®?

A Certified Senior Advisor® (CSA) is a professional designation for individuals who work with seniors and have completed a comprehensive educational program and exam. The CSA program is designed to provide professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to better serve the 60+ population. To become a CSA, individuals must complete the SCSA's educational program & pass a rigorous exam, which covers topics such as age-related changes, social security, Medicare, long-term care, and estate planning.

When talking with Tight Ship Advisors Founder, Jill Dillingham, she shared with us the feedback received from clients over the years.

"The reasons why our services have been meaningful to our clients truly varies client to client. There have been people who feel they have earned a retirement without managing paperwork, budgets or bill pay, we have individuals who feel uneasy about living in today's digital world of email or online banking and would like an extra set of eyes for security/safety and those that want a content expert on their side when it comes to matters of Medicare decision making, financial modeling for long term care/a move to a supportive living environment."

Concierge services from a CSA, like the ones you receive with a Tight Ship Advisors, are truly tailored to your needs and performed at your direction. There is no one size fits all solution.

Just like a consulting engagement, the first thing to do is interview the CSA who will be working with you. This "first date" should reassure you that this is a person you're comfortable with and can manage the task at hand. Next, create a mutually agreed list of tasks and how they'll be performed. Bill pay, household management, Medicare evaluations, insurance monitoring, home organization, managing your other vendors like housecleaners, landscapers, painters, tax prep, etc.. Finally, decide is this going to be an ongoing relationship or something just for the short term? With that, you'll know how many hours of work will be expected.

Truly, the range of advice and guidance a CSA can assist with run the gamut - issues including healthcare, housing, and daily money management. They may also provide education and advocacy on senior issues and work to improve the quality of life for seniors.

Often, wealth management groups, financial advisors or estate planners will engage with a Certified Senior Advisor® as a means to further support their clients make the leap from the earning years to fixed income. Using a CSA that has a relationship with your existing Financial Advisory Team is a great way to create further security and safety around your financial well being in the long run as well.

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