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The Importance of a Certified Senior Advisor®

The senior community is growing at an incredibly rapid pace, and the technology that runs our everyday life is growing just as quickly; however, the understanding of today’s paperless accounting and online management has created a vast divide between technology and user.

“Research has also shown that even cognitively normal people may reach a point where financial decision-making becomes more challenging.” (NYT, Bernard)  Making daily decisions about bills to be paid, marketing offers that pop up in snail mail and e-mail, the landmine of Medicare options and home management create stress and chip away at self-confidence. The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College did a study that had startling results, regarding one’s ability to understand credit card balance transfer offers for new cardholders. Essentially, this study tracked how long it would take the subject to uncover the hidden loophole on how the lower APR(what is this acronym?) would be applied. They called this the “Eureka Moment”.

The startling results are that the "Eureka Moment" comes at the same time for the 18-24 year old group as the 65+ group.

Retirement years should be filled with the rewards of relaxation and earned leisure. Instead, many seniors find themselves spending significant time managing their cash flow, researching healthcare options and analyzing mountains of mail and paperwork that accumulate on their dining room table. hesitant to trouble family or friends and most importantly, not jeopardize their autonomy, most seek advice.

This is where a Certified Senior Advisor® comes in. A Certified Senior Advisor® is a professional who is trained and accredited in understanding and navigating the daily life of a senior. A Certified Senior Advisor® helps clients traverse the I byzantine path surrounding their financial security, personal independence, the fluid healthcare landscape while, maintaining respect for the individual. A Certified Senior Advisor® works alongside their client to insure that their wishes are precisely followed.

Money Management - Monitoring the household budget and cash flow is running efficiently Healthcare claims & enrollments - Insuring that your benefits are being maximized to fit your healthcare needs Taxes & Portfolio - Creating ease around the functions of tax prep, end of year distributions and charitable giving Household - Assisting or managing projects to make your house work better for your needs

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